'i am awakening to a new frequency'


Hello and welcome to arco ! we make (FULL-SPECTRUM industrial hemp derived) CBd oils and tinctures. all of our products are 100% Thc free, organic, free from preservatives, and made in small batches.  all of our balms and oils are designed to NURTURE YOUR SKIN, BRING HARMONY TO YOUR PHYSICAL BODY, AND AWAKEN YOUR ENERGETIC BODY. they can be used as an all purpose head to toe moisturizer, an incredible massage oil, a hair mask, an anti-aging facial moisturizer, a pain reliever - basically you can use it for anything than needs a little love and attention. we are proud to work with amazing organic hemp flower that is grown ON A SMALL ORGANIC farm in Boulder, CO - so we know first hand the quality and purity of what we are working with. cannabis is A POWERFUL PLANT, IT HAS THE INHERENT POTENTIAL to heal our minds and bodies, to help free us from negativity, depression, anxiety and imbalance. WE ALSO use powerful blends of PLANT AND FLOWER ESSENTIAL OIls TO ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL POWER (AND to SMELL LIKE MAGIC ! ). Apply these hi-frequency rainbow light cannabis oils generously and let's get our universal GLOW back on !