your seven chakras 


2oz Hemp CBD Balms // CHAKRA SERIES // These portable gold tins make a great on-the-go coconut and beeswax based moisturizer - although they are much more complex than your common moisturizer.  Arco Chakra Balms are a series of seven balms, each individually designed to energize and awaken a specific chakra. To connect to our energetic body, all our products are made with only the purest organic ingredients, then supercharged by full spectrum organic Hemp CBD.  CBD works with our endocannabinoid system to bring our mind and body back into homeostasis. With each balm boasting its own unique and beautiful scent, these babes are a powerful bunch ! get ready to take a journey of self discovery with these gems. All of Arcoiris products are 100% THC free.  For external use only // 18+ // not for pregnant or nursing women.